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A Will is a very important document in which you decide who inherits your estate when you die. If you have a spouse, civil partner, cohabitee or children then they will have certain rights to your estate no matter what your Will says and it is very important that this is explained how it affects you depending on your circumstances. Even if you do not think you have great deal to leave it can be very expensive to sort out matters if there is no Will showing how you want your estate divided. Your Will also appoints Executors who are the people who deal with all the paperwork involved when you die. If there is no Will then the Law decides how your estate is divided and who the beneficiaries are and depending on your circumstances this may not be who you think or want. Changes in circumstances eg. Marriage, birth of children, separation, divorce, death of a family member do not necessarily revoke your Will or change any bequests. A Will can also be used for tax planning to help reduce liability to Inheritance Tax. Many people are also concerned regarding care costs and depending on circumstances Wills can be used to help reduce costs. It is therefore important that you have professional advice and have your Will prepared correctly.